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The friendly team at Green Bay Air Conditioning deliver speedy and energy-efficient installations as well as regular maintenance packages across Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers.

We know every home will have different needs for cooling and heating and we have the experience to recommend the best solution for you.

Things to consider when choosing an air conditioning system are the number of rooms you want to control as well as the size. Will you need multiple rooms conditioned at once? Or only one area at a time?

We have a variety of options that may work for you:

Split System Air Conditioning Byron Bay

Are you looking for a cost-effective cooling or heating solution for a single room, or open area in your home? Split system air conditioning is a top choice for many Byron Bay and Northern Rivers residents.

Working with all leading brands, we can offer a wide range of choices and designs to suit any home. The most common being wall mounted. As the name suggests, this air con system is split into two units: an indoor unit and a discrete outdoor unit.

Split system air conditioning units are both a versatile and affordable option for single rooms and smaller office spaces. These sleek and stylish units do not require any ducting and so offer you more versatility on where to mount the units. Whisper quiet and easy to use these cost-effective systems give you ultimate climate control without stretching the budget.

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Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems Byron Bay

A multi-split air conditioner, also known as multi-zone or multi-head air conditioner, is a great choice if you want to air condition more than one area and need to individually control the climate of each room.

Like a spilt system air conditioner, they only require one outdoor unit but connect to multiple indoor units (up to 8). Each indoor unit can be individually controlled allowing you to set the desired temperature for each room.

What Are The Benefits Of A Multi-Split System 

Multi split systems offer the same functionality as split systems with some additional benefits:

  • Individual temperature control in each room
  • Visually more appealing than multiple outdoor units which take up a lot of space
  • One main external unit can be connected to several different types of internal units (e.g. wall mounted, ceiling, and floor units)
  • Whisper-quiet operation, attractive designs and energy efficient.
  • 5-year warranty with leading brands on domestic installations
Multi Split Air Conditioning

Building & Construction

Building a new home and considering air conditioning? Or renovating your existing home and looking to explore all your air conditioning options?

Green Bay Air Conditioning is a Byron Bay air conditioning contractor experienced in the construction process. Planning early in the design process of your project, leads to a smooth installation and limits costly delays.

Our expertise in air conditioning installation has seen us work with many architects and builders throughout Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers. Contact our team today to arrange an obligation free appraisal and see how we can help.

At Green Bay Air Conditioning we’re experts in installing the perfect Byron Bay air conditioning system for your needs. Call us today on 0448 875 008 to book an obligation free in-home appraisal.

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Energy saving tip

Size matters – When buying a new air conditioner, it is important to consider the size of your room. A unit that is too small for the space will need to run constantly, but an AC unit too big will run in short cycles, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Seeking professional advice will save on your energy bill and from costly repairs.