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Split System Air Conditioning


The friendly team at Green Bay Air Conditioning deliver speedy and energy-efficient installations and repairs as well as regular maintenance packages across Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers.

We know every home and office will have different needs for cooling and heating and we have the experience to recommend the best solution for you.

Green Bay Air Conditioning work with leading brands, which means we are backed by their 5 Year warranty on all professionally installed domestic air conditioning systems. This warranty covers all systems including split, multi-split and ducted air conditioners when installed in a residential home by a qualified technician.

Once our team complete the installation of your new air conditioning system, you will be able to join our Domestic Maintenance Program to ensure your system services and maintenance are kept up to date on an annual basis. The program will offer you discount pricing on your annual services and makes sure you keep up to date with the maintenance requirements on your warranty.

Air Conditioning Maintenance


Need your air conditioning repaired? Is your AC unit leaking or not working as it should?

As an AC specialist, Green Bay Air Conditioning offers air conditioning services and repairs in Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers on all brands and system types.

Our team is fully licensed in air conditioning maintenance and repairs and we are also ARC Tick certified. This means when we work on your air conditioning equipment, your warranty remains valid, whatever the brand.

Our qualified technicians have the experience to diagnose the fault, and the skills, and tools to fix your air con problems correctly the first time, without fuss at a competitive rate.

Contact our team, and we’ll provide you with a quote or send a technician to your home to perform an inspection free of charge.

Air Con


An AC system is a significant investment you make for your home or office. It is important to not only select the right system for your needs when organising air conditioner installation but also just as important to maintain and ensure it is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Residential systems are advised to be maintained on an annual basis. By continuing regular maintenance of your air conditioning system, you are protecting your investment and making sure you keep up to date with your manufacturer’s warranty.

As a Green Bay Air Conditioning service and maintenance client in Byron Bay or the Northern Rivers, contact our team to enquire about our Domestic Maintenance Programme. Services will include as needed:

  • Check controller and that all functions are working properly
  • Check time clock setting, airflow
  • Clean and supply air grilles/filters
  • Check gas levels / running pressures
  • Check condensate drains
  • Check operation of indoor fan motors
  • Check condition of fan coil fins
  • Check ductwork and connections
  • Check operation of zones including motors
  • Check operation of compressors and condenser fans
  • Inspect condition of condenser coils
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Wash/Wipe down the outdoor unit
Air Con Cleaning


If your AC system has not been cleaned or serviced for some time, it may need a deep clean and sanitisation to get it back to running as efficiently as possible. Green Bay Air Conditioning provides a prompt, reliable and affordable deep clean and sanitisation service to all leading brands of air conditioners across Byron Bay and The Northern Rivers.

One of our highly trained engineers will attend your home or business and carry out the following tasks:

  • The indoor unit is dismantled to expose the internal workings behind the filter where contaminates like to breed.
  • The coil, drainage system and fan barrel are then treated with a user-friendly sanitiser.
  • Once penetrated, the sanitiser is washed off using our specialist in house equipment.
  • These components are then dried and treated with a 12-month anti-mould protection.
  • Return air filters are washed and then treated in the same way.
  • The unit is re-assembled, cleaned, tested and ready for use.
Air Con Family


Moving an air conditioner is not a simple job and should always be carried out by experienced professionals.

If you are wanting your air conditioning system relocated call our friendly team to give you a free quote. Firstly, we need to test the AC system and make sure it’s working correctly. Our technicians then reclaim the air conditioning gas safely before disconnecting the unit. Our technicians will work with you to find the best positioning for your unit relocation to ensure optimum performance.

Please note, we strongly advise against other trades disconnecting your ac unit, which may invalidate any manufacturer warranty you have.

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Energy saving tip

Check your temperature – On a hot day setting your air conditioner temperature just one degree warmer than you normally would cuts cooling costs by 10 per cent. We recommend setting temperatures between 24 and 25 degrees for the most efficient way to cool your space.